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How to have a beautiful wedding and reception for $500

First of all, it goes without saying that weddings are expensive. Maybe your parents are going to help you with the cost, maybe you have a little money saved up, or maybe you plan on throwing the whole thing on your credit cards and pay off the debt with the money you’ll receive as gifts from your friends and family. Yeah, that seems like a really good idea.

If you want an easy way to reduce stress and really enjoy everything your wedding day should be, then follow the tips in this book. You’ll find out there are three things you can do right now, from the moment you’re engaged, to diminish your stress level significantly.

Let’s put this all into perspective; ask yourself these questions:

• Am I willing to put myself, my partner, or my family in debt to pay for an expensive wedding?
• Does my need to have lavish wedding details outweigh my need to have a peaceful and meaningful wedding celebration?
• What kind of financial strain would an expensive wedding put on those I love?
• If I have money saved up, should I use all of it to pay for an extravagant wedding?
• What details of my wedding day are really important and what things are not as important?
• At the end of my wedding day, will I be any less married if spend $500 versus $15,000?

A lot of people feel this way. The book is titled The $500 Wedding, but it’s not just about how much money you’ll be spending on your big day, it’s also about simplifying an event that has been complicated by so many for so many generations. If ever there was proof that money doesn’t make you happy, it’s a wedding. No matter how much money you may have to spend on the day, you are undoubtedly going to be stressed and exhausted even before it starts. Your honeymoon, if you have any money left over to take one, will feel more like rehab then a vacation. So forget about borrowing a bunch of money from your parents, don’t apply for three more credit cards, and don’t spend your entire savings. Just don’t do it.  Instead, pull together $500 and let’s plan a beautiful wedding that you’ll actually enjoy. This isn’t to say that a wedding should be some half-baked idea that you threw together at the last minute. Weddings are beautiful and precious memories. Spending money on them isn’t wasteful or irresponsible. However, spending $50,000 on a wedding isn’t possible for a lot of us and we shouldn’t feel guilty about that. If you want to save money because you don’t have a lot of money, or you’d rather put your extra money into a home or a vacation, or you really don’t want to borrow more than you feel comfortable paying back than consider the $500 budget laid out for you in this book.

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This review is from: The $500 Wedding: How to have a beautiful wedding and reception for $500 (Paperback)
If you are planning a wedding this book should be required reading. It has been creative ideas on keeping wedding expenses under control. You don't have to mortgage the farm to make a memorable day. The author writes with a sense of style and humor while presenting a very economic approach to wedding planning. You don't have to use all of the ideas but you will want to use some of them.  -Betty O.

I read this book and am excited that I can provide my daughters a great wedding for a very reasonable price. A must read for parents of brides!!  -Jerold H.

The cost of weddings can be outrageous. This book helps you find creative and practical ways to save a buck or two when planning your wedding. It is a must have in your wedding planning collection.  -Megan F.